Sometimes you just want to say f*** it, But today you decided to

do something.

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Life is tough,
but you’re tougher

and ready to tackle the hardships you’ve been facing. 

I’m here to help you find the happiness, acceptance, peace and empowerment you’ve been looking for. We will work together to build a therapeutic relationship that allows you to feel connected, safe, and comfortable in discussing emotional topics.

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i’m here to help with whatever life is throwing at you, whether it’s:

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Relationship challenges
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Work or School Stress
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Family Dynamics
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Navigating Issues of Racism
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Recovering from Trauma or Loss

Whatever it is, I’ve got your back.

Hi, I’m Patricia

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Adjunct Professor, and Certified Field Instructor committed to working with diverse groups of individuals, families, and communities.

The services that I provide have led my clients towards personal transformations: increased confidence, self-actualization, healthy relationships, accountability, and clarity on future goals.

You deserve all this too!

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So, can therapy really help?

See what a few of my clients have to say.

“Since I started my therapy sessions with Patricia Parks I have been able to cope and handle things I initially found almost impossible to deal with.”

- African American, Male

It’s just one click to a better you.

Sign up for your free session today -
I can assure you that during our work together,
you will learn much more about me.